sphinxcontrib-fancybox’s documentation


Sphinx “fancybox” extension.


Fancybox is adaptation of the jQuery plugin fancybox in version **2.1.5*. Note that version Fancybox v2 and later are distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 license.

Documentation: http://spinus.github.com/sphinxcontrib-fancybox/

github: http://github.com/spinus/sphinxcontrib-fancybox/

PYPI: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/sphinxcontrib-fancybox/


Instalation through pip:

pip install sphinxcontrib-fancybox

or through github:

git clone https://github.com/spinus/sphinxcontrib-fancybox
cd sphinxcontrib-fancybox
python setup.py install

Next, you have to add extension to conf.py in your sphinx project.

extensions = [



Fancybox directive place a thumbnail of picture you selected, and add some fancies. If you click on image you get fullscreen box with that picture.


.. fancybox:: picture.png

By default all images on one page are in the same group (you can navigate pressing next and prev buttons around this group). If you want to add picture to another group you have to set group parameter, like:

.. fancybox:: picture.png
    :group: group2

You can change size of fancybox with ‘width’ and ‘height’ which are passed as you set it:

.. fancybox:: picture.png
    :width: 100%
    :height: 2em

You can add some description which will be rendered as title attribute:

.. fancybox:: http://pictures.tld/picture.png

    Some description

If you not set ‘width’ and ‘height’, defaults values are gathered from conf.py. There are two parameters which you can adjust:


Additionally you can set another css class with ‘class’ argument to fancybox directive or set fancybox_thumbnail_class to add css class to all fancybox directives.

All fancybox JS config options you can pass as dict to fancybox_config in conf.py too.

For examples please look to documentation conf.py.


  • handling local files (not only remotes) (DONE)
  • option to copying remote graphics as statics
  • fallback for non html output (DONE)
  • nested parsing fix
  • JS should be handled only once, not on every image node
  • width and height parameters (currently the thumbnail is set to 100x100px) (DONE)
  • get default thumbnail size from config (DONE)
  • generate thumbnails for big images

Questions and suggestions

If you have some suggstions, patches, problems - please write an email or github message.

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